Need Help Moving Heavy Furniture for Your Upcoming Move?

If you need heavy lifting moving services, make sure to hire a professional moving company and not your family or friends instead. There are many household items that are difficult to move, such as a safe or armoire, no matter the size or model. A typical home or office safe can weigh several hundred pounds, and the same for armoires.

The heavier an item weighs, the more it ensures it is extra secure (otherwise, that item could be easily stolen), however it also means more difficulties for your next move. To solve the heavy furniture lifting moving problem, many homeowners in the Kansas City area turn to professionals like Point Blank Moving to get the job done.

Why do homeowners hire professionals to do the heavy lifting when moving?

Even if you have a strong team of friends or family willing to help out, there are several good reasons to hire a professional moving company instead. For example:
  1. Eliminate Risk of Major Injury - There is too much risk for injury to yourself or those that are close to you. If you aren’t properly trained, and hurt yourself, the cost of the recovery could be significantly more than hiring a professional from the beginning. Too much could go wrong hauling hundreds or thousands of pounds of materials, and if you are going up and down stairs further risk could be waiting around the corner.
  2. Higher risk for Furniture or Property Damage - Mishandling heavy furniture can cause injury to people, as well as it can also cause property damage to your home or building. If the heavy piece of furniture is dropped or smashed against the wall, your friends may escape injury, but that area house likely won’t be so lucky. You can pay for the repairs out of your pocket or be covered with the insurance of a moving company should an accident happen (it is less likely when done by professional movers).
  3. Special moving equipment needed - If moving the item(s) involves stairs, tight corners or a long walk to the truck, special equipment is necessary to make it happen. A heavy-duty appliance dolly, at the minimum, is a must. In most cases, additional straps and ropes will be required to secure the safe during movement. If there are a lot of stairs between the safe and the truck, professionals may use a powered dolly or lift to get it out. This greatly reduces the amount of effort needed to do the job. Every now and then, a crane is necessary to remove the safe, particularly when the safe is installed well above the ground floor.